Who is your target audience?

Anyone within throwing distance. We provide staff development for adults (or close approximations), arts in education for youth, and entertainment for all ages. We’ve wowed groups of all sizes, from 20 to 20,000 people.

What are your service areas?

Virtually? Anywhere. In person? We've worked around the globe, from Australia to Bermuda and Manitoba to Mexico. Lately, we're mostly in the continental U.S.. And we'll go to Alaska and Hawaii, if you twist our arms.

How long are your programs?

Typically, shows and staff development are 60-90 minutes, and arts-in-ed programs are 45 minutes. We’ve also produced full-day seminars, two-hour variety shows, and six-week courses (with extra espresso).

What is your cancellation policy?

No worries. In case of change or cancellation, deposits/fees can be applied to another event as mutually agreeable. Also, we can adapt to do in-person, virtual, or recorded programs. Nice, eh?

Do you do dangerous acts?

Sure. We’re insured and follow strict safety guidelines. If Fortune 500 companies and professional sports teams trust us, you can too. That said, we usually present more fun than danger. And thankfully we have most of our fingers.

What's up with In Jest?

The In Jest brand was retired after 30 years of spreading joy. Now The UP Guys and UP Team LLC carry on the tradition of performing and presenting "in jest," or in a playful way.

What's The UP Guys vs. UP Team?

The UP Guys are Nels Ross and Richie Derwald. UP Team is the company name and their brand when working with others. Also, stay tuned for developments with UPLFFT, a new nonprofit vision to uplift the world.

Are you always silly?

Yes, if you mean "silly," which comes from root words meaning prosperous, happy, and blessed. (Seriously.) Properly applied, a little silliness promotes joy, health, peace, and more.

What are your fees?

It depends on the event and scale. The UP Guys offer small to full-scale solo, duo, and team presentations. Small ones fit in a carry-on case. Mid-scale ones include bigger acts and more participation. Full-scale ones can include extra stunts, acts, talents, and customization.

Extra acts and talents